Saturday, March 19, 2011

What are the chances?

The waiting room had 1 male and 2 females waiting. Ewe's first name was called and both females answered! The male thought that was hilarious.

My high school gym class had 6 girls with Ewe's first name. There were 20 females in that class.


Sue said...

Funny! In my high school class, there were 12 of us with the same first and middle name (Susan Marie). Well, that's out of a class of nearly 600... But I have over the years found that to be a very common combination for girls born in the 50s.

BTW, when I was in my 40s, my mother told me that when they went to see the pastor to schedule my baptism, he did not approve of my name because it was not religious enough! My brothers John and Jim passed muster. (I guess he did not recognize my middle name was a form of Mary, or maybe that was too Catholic? It was a different time, for sure.)

Anonymous said...

Just fyi: 12 of my 15 classes - in Korea -- one of the girls chose the English name "Rachel" this school year. I also have a ton of Annas, Olivias, Bens, Erics, and a few Emmas. So, pretty much, if I can't remember someone's name I just say Rachel or Anna; or Ben or Eric, if it's a boy, and someone will answer. Ha.

MooreMama said...

My name (Jessica) was one of the (if not the) most popular girl names the year that I was born, even though my mom had picked it out 18 years earlier. I also have a sister named Sarah, and our last name was Smith. I know 3 Jessica Smiths and 4 Jessica Moores. I think that there were 7 Sarah Smiths in her graduating class of about 400. There were 3 Sarah M. Smiths. :)
My other two sisters have much more unusual names - the one with the most unusual name married a guy with a very unusual last name and is (according to the Social Security website) the only one in the country with her exact name.