Friday, March 25, 2011

Answering a few questions

3 injections down; 483 to go

Due date is November 22.

Injections do not hurt, really they don't! The pharmacy didn't have the correct syringes so I ended up with insulin type syringes. They have a shorter needle than it was planned for me to get. But even the longer needle that I received in the doctor's office did not hurt. It does bruise so the bruises will hurt after I get several.

I have a supply of Preggie Drops for myself-just waiting for the day that I need them. In previous pregnancies I have had morning sickness when other women are usually about done with morning sickness. We'll see if the pattern repeats if I'm on heparin.

I talked to our local pharmacist (7 miles away) and they will be able to get heparin for me. There was only one pharmacy in the bigger town that I went to the doctor yesterday that carried heparin to fill the prescription immediately. It was good news that after this first month supply I will be able to get it locally.

Some of my friends have asked why I was advised to do heparin. After my last miscarriage I was tested for basically every disorder they can do a blood test for that could cause miscarriages. The disorder I have is called Factor II. If you do an internet search Factor V will probably come up with lots of info, but Factor II will only show up a little. Factor V is a rare blood disorder, but Factor II is even more rare. Basically there is a 30% chance that my blood will clot and either cause miscarriage or I would have the potential for a blood clot in my leg or even some place more serious. Baby aspirin should thin my blood to cut down on the chance of blood clot. Heparin injections thin the blood to cut down the chance of blood clot even more. Baby aspirin would do a lot for the blood clot situation, heparin injections are doing everything possible with medical knowledge today. I have always had this disorder so it is a miracle that we had 3 Lambs born without major pregnancy or delivery or post delivery problems. My doctor sees mostly high risk pregnancies or trouble conceiving pregnancies. He said nearly every woman that sees him at least takes baby aspirin and many take heparin. Heparin has been given for years and is relatively safe and especially safe for pregnancy.

Some one said to me today, "Wouldn't it be nice if you could have just a regular pregnancy, without being hospitalized with morning sickness, with gaining a normal amount of weight during pregnancy (not just 10 lbs), not doing heparin injections, etc.?" I responded that that is the idea behind heparin injections-the plan is that by doing heparin injections I will gain a normal amount of weight during pregnancy (maybe I'll even take the tags off and wear some of my maternity clothes!) and carry this baby for the entire pregnancy without having a preemie. May the Lord help that to happen. Thank you for all your prayers.


Amanda said...

Hi Ewe! I'm so glad you found my blog, and that it is helpful to you. It is hard to find information on Factor II mutation, mostly I think because it was found in 1996, and no doctor I've found will say that it is the cause of first trimester losses. However, everyone I know who has been diagnosed with it has experienced just that.
Doesn't this diagnosis make you see your 3 living children as even more of a miracle than before (if that is possible!)? I know my first was threatened by the Factor II now, she had IUGR, most likely due to clots in the placenta. No reason was ever given b/c we were unaware of this diagnosis at that time. There are a few community boards I've found that have other gals who have the same or similar diagnoses.... has Lovely Lovenox Ladies group, and Liden Factor V and Other Blood Clotting Disorders. has a group called High Risk Pregnancy that has a Lovenox Ladies check in weekly. You may find some support and information there! Also, another blogger I've 'met' is also on Lovenox. Her blog is

I noticed that you are the wife a pastor. My husband just completed a career of 8 years in youth ministry, and we are now aiding in starting the college ministry in our current church.

Robin said...

Weird, I'm Robin from "the pregnant housewife." and I saw your link on Amanda's page. I'm on heparin and aspirin. I've also been counting down injections. A million to go as far as I can see. ha. I'm also homozygous for both prothrombin and mthfr as well as some other sort of blood clotting issue. One of a kind I guess. Two miscarriages and one full term loss. I'm 15 weeks right now and holding my breath. Best wishes to you!