Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Ram found a deal that we could try for 3 months at 95 cents each month. We figured it was worth a try for that price. Normally there is a fee each month (I think $14.95) and you get one credit for a book each month. Credits can carry over to the next month. If you would like more books then there is a fee for extra books.

Before we tried this I had planned on getting several easy to read books for the Lambs. I figured we would use this wisely and get as much possible during this 3 month deal. I saw that was not going to work on this plan. Then I saw that Our Island Story was available. It is a children's history of England. It was quite expensive if it would be an extra, but our one credit in January covered it. I was planning to read this aloud soon to the Lambs but it was even better to listen to it.

Each night we have been listening to a couple of chapters. I am learning a lot about the history of England. Lamb 1 doesn't like it basically because it is long. We allow the Lambs to play quietly/do crafts while they listen.

We still have a February credit to use and soon we will get a March credit. What audiobooks do you recommend we use our credits on next?

We may not do this every month, but we may ask the grandparents if they would be willing to sponsor one month as birthday presents. I was glad to try it for a few months and we will be able to make a better decision if we want to continue. Do any of you do


Glenda said...

I love Our Island Story! I read it aloud over a couple of years with history.

We love the The Oracles of Delphi Keep by Victoria Laurie. Currently there are three books in the series. We heard the first one on audio a long time ago on a car trip to my mom's. It was read by the author - excellent. Adventure, mystery, history, intrigue, along the lines of Narnia, not allegorical though.

Around the World in 80 days is probably our all time favorite - read by Jim Dale.

If I think of others, I'll let you know. Happy hunting!

Esther said...

I get audio books through the library and put them on my iPod. It's free!