Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Busy Days

*The Lambs are mostly healthy so we're back to regular homeschool/therapy/and piano lessons this week.
*I'm exploring the Lambs doing track and field this spring.
*I'm still finishing some projects from cleaning out the schoolroom closet. There are boxes that were never gone through after moving. There are decisions to be made where to give things away and then deliver them.
*I had a coupon for a free Snapfish book. I am a loyal Snapfish customer because almost all of our photos since we first got a digital camera are uploaded there. I often see coupons for Shutterfly, but not as often for Snapfish. I used the free book to make a book to surprise Lamb 1 for his birthday. I tried to pick photos that he would be proud of and enjoy. So a picture of the birdhouse he built is in there but not the cute baby pictures that I like! Lamb 1 was able to meet 5 of his great grandparents so there are photos of that. The Snapfish site wasn't working correctly this weekend so I wasn't able to start until Sunday night. It was a major project to pick out just a few photos from 10 years. I wanted it to be a surprise so I only worked on it after Lamb 1 went to bed. I finished and ordered it last night. This morning I got another coupon for a free Snapfish book so I have to think how to use that one.
*I got together some homemade jam and other things to give to our preschool fundraiser. The preschool director was impressed with 6 different kinds of jam. (blueberry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, blackberry, peach, and raspberry) It wasn't difficult to make it last year a little at a time. I found some cute labels online for them too.
*I went to church yesterday and put away the costumes from the Christmas program. (Yes, in late February!) One project led to another and I was helping for a couple of hours. The weather was in the high 50s yesterday so the Lambs happily played outside while I worked.
*Now we have a couple of days to clean the house before the grandparents come to celebrate Lamb 1's birthday. I also have some planning to do for Lamb 1's birthday meals. The Lambs are busy making art store pictures before the grandparents come. They are putting great effort in the pictures hoping to sell them for higher prices than before.

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