Friday, February 21, 2014

Sick Lambs-UPDATE

1. My last post had two comments. One problem with blogs is it is a one way conversation-the people reading it can't ask questions to clarify what the writer says. I know that working moms always do what is best for their children and family comes before job for them. I do agree with commenter #1 that some families rush their doctor for everything and other families watch and wait a little before taking them to the doctor. The families I was thinking of when I wrote that post are families that go to the doctor very often and they happen to be families where both parents work. I want to apologize for lumping working moms together.
2. Wednesday Lamb 2 had ear drops and took ibuprofen. Thursday the Lambs seemed a little better. Lamb 2 didn't complain about his ear until breakfast when he opened the fridge and saw the antibiotic. He closed the fridge and started complaining that his ear hurt. I told him I would look at his ear again after lunch time and make a decision on the antibiotic then. He began playing and never complained about his ear again the rest of the day. At bedtime I looked at it and it seemed to be getting better and I gave him more ear drops.
Lamb 3 still had a hoarse voice yesterday so I called to cancel speech therapy for him. I was indecisive about Lamb 2 going to speech therapy and OT as he seemed to be better. Then I decided that while Lamb 2 was run down was not the time to potentially expose him to more germs as there are tons of kids in and out of the center where he has therapy. Plus if he wasn't feeling 100% he wouldn't give 100% at therapy. Plus Ram had a funeral yesterday and couldn't take some Lambs while I stayed home with some Lambs. So no one went to speech or OT yesterday.
My friend Joelle planned a field trip to a pizza place yesterday afternoon. I was hoping that they would be better by then and we could go. Yesterday the Lambs were grouchy and didn't get along with each other. I couldn't let them go to the pizza place as a reward for their bad behavior. Plus the field trip would let them make their own pizza. The pizza place didn't want Lambs with runny noses making pizzas. Lamb 1 was really really disappointed. Perhaps we can plan our own field trip this summer.
3. This morning I looked in Lamb 2's ear and it looks better but not healed. I decided it was time to start antibiotics. We did give it time and as commenter #2 said, ear infections are nothing to mess with. We are all tired of being stuck inside and the Lambs being sick. I am really hoping they are better in time for church on Sunday. Ram and I have been taking Airborne in hopes that we don't get it too. I did finish cleaning out the school room closet and the schoolroom. It will be much better to work in when we return to homeschooling next week. I really did not want spring break from homeschool for the Lambs to be a sick break, but that is what happened. At least I wasn't sick and I was able to get a lot done during their sick break!

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Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is feeling better there by now. I'm
Anon #1 from your last post. You must find benefit from the Airborne. I've considered taking it multiple times as my tiny grand child seems to be Typhoid Mary when she has any colds or sniffles. Was this around when you were teaching? I think that classroom teachers face the biggest challenge of any professionals in this regard. We seem to share the same philosophy on not over utilizing prescriptions medications so I'm interested in how this over the counter medication helps. Thanks.