Monday, February 3, 2014

Our church family

Yesterday the hymns chosen for distribution during communion were short so there was a long time to think/meditate. I try not to be distracted, but yesterday I really got to thinking about some of the people's "stories" while they were up at the rail. I thought about:

  • That couple is older and has a more difficult time getting around. 
  • Her husband got a job on the other side of the country and she is still here trying to sell the house waiting to join him. We will miss them when the house does sell.
  • They are married each for the second time with his and her children trying to make it work this time. 
  • His wife and son live in another country and they only see each other for a few precious weeks of the year. 
  • She is a widow. 
  • She is grieving for her adult son that she buried. 
  • Her mom is in the hospital and no one knows what the next step is when she gets released-nursing home? 
  • Her daughter is a freshman in college. 
  • They are in the rough preschool/toddler years with their children.
  • Her sons are in the military. 
  • Those boys are finishing their last semester of high school and preparing to go to college next year.

And my list could go on and on and I bet as the pastor Ram's list would be even longer as he knows more of people's "stories" than I do. It is amazing to me in just a little over 2 years how close we can get to our church family and even though I don't know every member's story, I know a lot of them.

Then I went to Bible study and we were finishing the last chapter in Katie Schuermann's book, Pew Sisters. Due to commitments with Sunday School I was unable to attend many of the sessions of this Bible study, but I do plan to go back and read the chapters I missed. I thought of the list I had made in my head during communion. This is exactly what Katie was getting at-every one in the pew has a story to share of God's faithfulness in their life. We can build up the faith and encourage our Christian family at church. And when we think of each of their "stories" we can pray more specifically for them. It was a good reminder to not only keep my family in my prayers, but also each of my church family that I know. And when I don't know the specifics of their stories, I can just pray Lord Have Mercy for them.

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