Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Weekend

We were able to go to the Lego movie on Friday. You reserve your seats when you buy your tickets at our new movie theater. We went over a little early and bought our tickets to reserve our seats. We were able to buy tickets where we wanted to sit. The theater was crowded at one of the first showings on Friday. We went to the regular show, not the 3-D. Lamb 2's vision therapist was glad to hear that.
Since we had our tickets and some time to spare we walked over to get frozen yogurt for a treat before the movie. The employee at the shop was surprised that the Lego movie was out already and that we could reserve our seats ahead of time. As we walked back to the movie theater, the local news station was there filming all the kids out of school that went to the movies. We watched the news later that night and they showed some girls ahead of us, but not us.
I had not really wanted to go to the Lego movie but since it was the first time the Lambs ever went to the theater we thought there should be 2 adults in case someone had to go to the bathroom or if someone got afraid. I'm used to going to Hobbit length movies now and I was surprised how short it was. It ended up fine and Ram could have taken them alone. I was surprised that I did enjoy the movie and there were some funny lines. The Lambs are looking forward to it being out on DVD to watch it again. They bragged to the neighborhood kids a little asking if they also went to it on Friday.
After the movie I decided we should run a few errands. Unfortunately Lamb 2 was exhausted and grouchy after the movie, I think it was visually too much for him. First we went to 3 stores before we found sleds. We threw out our toddler sled when we moved. We haven't really had enough snow here since we moved to justify buying sleds for the Lambs. I decided we had enough snow on Friday. Shopko and Target didn't have any sleds left, just swimsuits and sunglasses. We went to a Sporting Goods store and found them. We bought 2 orange and 1 blue-BSU colors. Then we stopped at the library to pick up a movie and ran into my friend Joelle and her children. It was a crazy snow day because no one stayed home, the roads were not bad at all.
Ram had a meeting at church that ended up lasting a few hours. I was on my own to cook supper and watch the Olympics with the Lambs. I made tacos for dinner. We also had hot chocolate and popcorn during the Olympics. The Lambs don't remember watching the Olympics before so it was fun to watch the opening ceremony together.
Lamb 2 lost a front top tooth so the tooth fairy came.

Saturday we had lots of plans but ended up not doing any of them. There was freezing rain all day so I didn't want to drive far from home which ruled out going to the teacher store near the mall to do crafts and also it ruled out going to the zoo. We went sledding at a local park and had a great time. I may need to get my own sled for next time! We came home to dry off and rest. Lamb 1 was miserable because the weather meant he really couldn't play outside, the rain was starting to melt his snow fort, and we weren't going anywhere and doing any of our prior plans. We finally decided to go out to eat near our home. We had a couple of coupons for free kids meals at Mongolian Grill plus we were there during their lunch serving hours so it ended up not being too expensive. Everyone in our family likes eating there.
Ram's parents called us and we figured out our plans for Lamb 1's birthday. I trimmed hair for Ram and the Lambs.

Sunday we had church and a potluck breakfast afterwards and then a Voter's Meeting. We came home and rested for a little and that evening we went to an installation of a pastor to our circuit. The service was beautiful and it is great to get Lutherans sing together. I was surprised in the 2 years we have been here that I knew several people-one from college, a few of our members, a few of the pastor's wives, and a few other people. Lamb 1 and 2 took off as soon as the service was over to eat. Poor Lamb 3 had to stay with me to meet the adopted baby of one of the pastors. We ended up towards the end of the line to eat. They had pork sandwiches, baked beans, salad, and cake. After they served the first cake they got out cheesecake that Ram and I had and pumpkin pie that Lamb 3 had. So it wasn't so bad to be at the end of the line! It was great to eat at church and not cook all day.

I was afraid that no one would want to get up for vision therapy after our busy weekend but we did. Lamb 2 had an excellent vision therapy session. It was very foggy due to inversion but we made it safely there and home. I'm looking forward to hopefully the next weekend being a little less activity and hope to get my info ready to send in to the tax lady before then.

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