Monday, February 17, 2014


When I started my blog in 2008 Lamb 3 was a baby. It was a way to have a journal both for myself to remember and for sharing about the Lambs with our parents. I had no idea then that I would have several miscarriages and the blog would take another purpose. It has ended up being therapy for myself to think through my thoughts and record them here. Also I made several friends through the blog and have even met some of them in real life. I love to introduce myself as Ewe! Those friends have left encouraging comments when I had rough times.

My blog is quite the variety, whatever I am thinking about that day gets posted. Ram says that is why he likes it. My life is not focused to one activity and neither is my blog. I am not an expert seamstress or cook or photographer. But I do enjoy scrapbooking, taking photos of my family, doing basic sewing, doing basic decorating of my house, making jam, homeschooling, reading, volunteering at church, trying new recipes, and my list could go on and on. So whatever activity I'm involved in currently prompts blog posts.

Recently many of my friends have gone in a different direction than how they blogged before. Some only blog every couple of months now. Some quit writing on one blog and started a new one with a new purpose. Some made their blog private. I think part of the reason for this is Facebook. Also, many of my friends are finishing the diaper/toddler years and going into the elementary/middle school years with their children. They are entering a new chapter of their life and they want their blog to reflect that. They finally have a little time to have deeper thoughts to blog about than just the cute sayings of their children.

So today I spent some time deleting some blogs from my blog list of my friends that never post any more. This was difficult for me as it was admitting that I really have very little contact any more with these friends. I left a few on even though they haven't blogged for several months because I'm not sure if they are really done blogging. I left one on because it is a good way to get to other blogs that I enjoy reading. I also added some blogs I have discovered recently or I have read before but just never added them to my blog list. I updated some photos and info about me on my sidebar too. By doing all this updating I realized how my life has changed. I deleted some blogs from long time friends like one of my first babysitting jobs and one of my bridesmaids. But I added new friends that I have met at the He Remembers the Barren retreat and Loopers.

I have no plans to make my blog professional or spend a lot more time on it than I currently do. I've never worried about how many followers I have. That is not the purpose for my blogging. I am not planning on joining Facebook soon. I do not make the time to blog daily but I plan to continue blogging at least a few times a week on this blog. Thank you to those of you that do take the time to read it. Thank you to those of you that continue to blog regularly as I do enjoy reading other blogs.


Kristen said...

It's amazing what blogs can do! It's an incredible blessing, being able to get to know new people through the online world of blogging.

Glenda said...

I find I still read blogs every day, but do not respond to them like I used to. I realized that reason is that I read on my iPad and I hate using it for comments. When I do get the computer away from the children, I don't always go back to the blogs to make any comments I had thought when I read earlier. Instead, I'm doing other things I needed to do on the computer. So now, I'm a reader and not an active commenter on my friends' blogs.

And I'm one of those whose life has changed due to kids getting older and becoming involved with lives of their own. It is fun and interesting this life as a parent!