Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The last couple of months we have had some changes, I'm not sure I would call them big changes, but combined I have had a difficult time keeping up. Here are a few examples:

  • Lamb 2 began Vision Therapy twice a week and this has made a new daily routine for all of us. Lamb 2 is exhausted at the end of VT days so we now NEED to get to bed on time every single night. We have more trips to therapy and exercises to do at home. I'm even going to notify grandparents and tell them that we need to celebrate birthdays over the lunch hour instead of over the supper hour like we have done since we moved here. VT has changed our entire schedule even though it is just 1 hour a week. I know this will get better, but it feels like we are back in the toddler years of early bedtimes that can't be interrupted no matter what.
  • Our health insurance changed the way the Be Well Serve Well rewards program works. Ram and I haven't had time to really look over the changes and decide if we are going to participate any more. We need to get started soon if we are going to participate. In the past it wasn't much work and we always had Amazon credit in our account. I became used to buying school books, piano books, treats for us, and even groceries with this "free" money. If we don't participate any more it will also mean that I need to majorly change my shopping habits.
  • Creative Memories went bankrupt. I scrapbooked with CM since 1998. I have a lot of supplies stocked up but I need to start thinking about what to do when my supplies do run out. I'm trying hard to picture myself being involved with the new company and the new way of doing things, but I'm finding I scrapbooked for so long the old way that I'm not eager to change.
  • Like many Americans our family budget is tighter this year. We changed the way we did some things with our H S A and I'm hoping this eases our budget concerns. We've been blessed that in our entire marriage this is the first time we've really had to watch our budget and expenses. (Well not counting the few months that neither of us were employed.) But that makes changes for the way I shop and the way the Lambs receive both necessities and treats. I know in the long run this will be good for all of us, but it definitely involves growing pains right now. Plus it takes more time to keep track of all of this.

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Kristen said...

We haven't decided about the Be Well, Serve Well either. Having to start with the health assessment is a bit of a hassle. And the lower amounts are disappointing. Still, like you said, it is a nice extra source of income! My earnings from last year just paid in part for our new dishwasher!