Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Days

In 2000 when I was teaching we had 2 full weeks off of school after Christmas break. There were a couple of days in there that were supposed to be delays and the teachers came in to school but by the time school would have started they ended up calling off the whole day. I was single and one snow day led to another and with dial up Internet I honestly lost track of what day of the week it was!
This year Fort Wayne has set records for snow. They have missed so many school days that I've lost track. When they have school it is often delayed. It is also confusing between the public schools canceling some days and the Lutheran schools only having a 2 hour delay. I'm praying they don't have floods in the spring after all this snow. I feel sorry for teachers trying to plan lessons with this routine and parents trying to arrange childcare for this crazy routine. Plus they have a lot of school days to make up in June.
Here they very rarely cancel school, once a year or less. In January inversion caused thick fog all day every day for weeks. It was bad when I did drive in it. School was never delayed for that. The Lambs complain when public schools cancel that we still have homeschool and they miss out on time to play in the snow with their neighborhood friends.
The plan for today was that we would go to one of the first showings of the Lego movie. I figured the Lambs have worked so hard on therapy, exercises, and homeschool, that a benefit of homeschooling would be we could go to a movie during the school day. It would also reinforce the idea for the Lambs that we really do not go according to the public school schedule. We may have some homeschool during the summer and on public school holidays and snow days. But we are also free to go to a movie during the school day or go on vacation during the school year. The Lambs have never been to a movie at the theater before so this was to be an extra special treat.
But guess what happened? Today the public schools here have a snow day. I expect the movie theater to be packed both because this is the opening day and the roads don't look that bad so people will go to the movies. We have a very busy schedule the next couple of weeks in addition to therapy and homeschool. I don't really know when we can go to the movie if we don't go today. Ram has a meeting late this afternoon for church so we need to go to one of the first showings. It may turn out that the big event today is watching the Olympics at home tonight. The best laid plans...sigh.

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Kristen said...

Fort Wayne has had 9 snow days so far...but even we have lost track of the delays! I hope the boys enjoyed the Lego movie. All my preschoolers are talking about the movie.