Saturday, February 8, 2014


When we had a TV, my dad often watched The Tonight Show when I was little. Sometimes I would watch it with him. Leno began The Tonight Show a few days before I graduated from high school. I preferred to watch Letterman because he was from Indiana.

I didn't watch The Tonight Show often, but once and awhile I would tune in. Then we were blessed with Lamb 1 and with MSPI he never slept. I started tuning into The Tonight Show to watch something while I was up late with Lamb 1. Then when our next Lambs were born they often stayed up late and I hoped that they would sleep as long as possible before their next feeding. (That is a whole different post about how little our Lambs slept and how strange a schedule it seemed that they were on as compared to other babies.)

Last month when I scrapbooked I put this photo in Lamb 2's album.
Lamb 2 was about 8 months old here.

When Lamb 3 was a baby we decided to give up TV. One of the reasons why we gave up TV was I wanted to break our bad habit of staying up too late watching shows like The Tonight Show. Thankfully when we got TV again last year we did not go back to that habit of watching The Tonight Show. I told Ram that I wanted to watch Leno's farewell show the other night. Ram was surprised that I was interested and he was not. 

Ram and I began watching the farewell show together. When the celebrities started giving their farewells it got bad and Ram turned it off. After a few minutes I asked him to turn it back on. I was doing some paperwork at the same time and not paying complete attention but had it on. Ram decided to go to bed about 10 minutes before the end. 

In the Back to the Future movie there were some jokes like people from the past couldn't believe that Reagan was President of the USA instead of an actor. A few of the jokes told  on the farewell show reminded me of that, how things have changed in the last 22 years. It really is amazing when you think of the changes in technology, politics, etc. from the last 20 years.

I decided to watch it until the end. In my opinion, the only part worth watching was the farewell speech. If I would have known that I would have just watched that part online. In fact I did watch it on Hulu again the next morning. In about 4 minutes he said some things I expected him to say and some that I didn't expect. Leno did The Tonight Show since my high school graduation. No matter what you think of Leno, he was good at what he did and he did it for a long time. 

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