Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hoppin' John

Several years ago my Grandma invited us over to her house for a meal on New Year's Day. She lived in TX for many years so she served black eyed peas. My sister and I were not very happy with the meal she served, it was just too different from what we normally ate. I thought of all of Grandma's other recipes that I liked better. But of course I ate a whole helping and said thank you and didn't ask for seconds, just got ready for yummy dessert. I don't remember if my sister ate it or just tried it.

Early in our marriage I decided we should have black eyed peas on New Year's Day and revive the tradition from Grandma. Ram found an excellent Hoppin' John recipe in one of our cookbooks. We have made that same recipe on New Year's Day most of the last 12 years. It was even allowed when we had to eat dairy free for Lamb 1.

This year we were at Ram's parents house on New Year's Day. I cleaned out the pantry recently and found some black eyed peas and thought we should make Hoppin' John since we didn't have it this year. We made it on Thursday for supper.

On Friday at lunch while we were eating leftover Hoppin' John I told the Lambs about this tradition that my Grandma started. I said that usually we had it on New Year's Day but since we were at Ram's parents we were having it a few weeks later. Right away Lamb 1 and 2 said that it was Chinese New Year. I planned this better than I thought!

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