Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congratulations, Pam and flu update

My friend Pam had a great blog post. I'm so happy for her! She has 4 boys. I met her before she moved to ND.

We still are recovering from the flu. Without being official, the doctor is pretty sure we had H1N1. The Lambs are grouchy so I know they aren't completely well, but they say they feel better and they don't have temperatures any more. Ram was doing better but today he felt ill enough to not go to an important meeting tonight. Hopefully the tri-parish council had a good meeting without their pastor there. I got a sinus infection after the flu and I'm still not recovered from the flu. Needless to say, we haven't had ANY school this week except for doing the Sunday School lesson that they missed on Sunday. We are trying to all get healthy enough to go along to pastor conference next week.

I had heard that your family should be prepared for H1N1 with extra supplies. I assumed that meant Tylenol and ginger ale and tissues and items like that for being sick. We had all that. We live 7 miles away from town and the drug store closes at 6pm so we always have supplies like that. But what I wasn't prepared for was when you have H1N1, you aren't allowed to go out of your house except for medical care until your temperature is below 100 degrees for 24 hours without the use of Tylenol to reduce the temperature. What we really needed was bananas. You can't stock up on that ahead of time when you don't know you are going to get sick. Lamb 3 hasn't acted very sick, but he didn't have much appetite. The one thing we could get him to eat was bananas. Thankfully Ram was feeling well enough to go buy bananas yesterday. We ate almost the whole bunch that he bought in one day. So today he went to buy more thinking he was well enough. Then later he didn't feel well again. I'm so glad I don't work at a grocery store or pharmacy or bank or a place like that-that people may truly have to go to even if they know they are sick and they shouldn't go.

I understand how the flu travels, but I'm still confused how we got the flu this time. We normally go out of town for a long day of shopping and go to multiple stores where we would be exposed a few times a month. We haven't done that since Labor Day weekend. Ram hasn't visited very many people recently and he was the last one to get the flu in our family. Lamb 2 was actually the one that had it first. Looking at our schedule the week before we came down with the flu, Lamb 2 hardly left the house. ECFE and library storytime and places where I would expect the Lambs to get it haven't started again this fall yet. This is a good example that you can really get the flu anywhere at any time no matter how careful you are. We wouldn't have given the Lambs the flu shot this year any way, but it makes me mad that we got the flu before we even had a chance to be offered the shots! Today was the day that shots were offered at our clinic but I was too ill to go get one. We just can't win!


The Mama said...

We caught our cases of it from church. I hope you are fully recovered and soon!

Dakotapam said...

Oh, I hope you guys are on the mend soon! I am praying hard to keep the flu out of our house! I, for one am thankful for living in town with grocery delivery...which I will be using more and more in the coming months!