Friday, September 18, 2009

Small town anniversary

I have been meaning to post photos from our small town 130th anniversary celebration last July. Our town celebrated all weekend the last weekend in July. Ram posted about his part in the celebration here. Hopefully I can eventually post pictures here. It was pretty impressive that a small town of 113 people could pull off a whole weekend of activities including a big parade with entries from all over the state.
I want to add that when Ram gave his prayer at the kickoff supper, the audience had no time to mingle before the program started. Some had not seen friends for 40 years or more. So it was very loud for the program. They finally settled down a little bit for Ram's prayer. But even for the prayer it wasn't completely quiet. Ram wrote the prayer the afternoon that he said it. I thought it was a great prayer and he did a great job. He had never done something like this before (270 people that were not our church members). It was a great weekend and our family really enjoyed the activities.

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The Mama said...

The celebrations are one of the things I'm beginning to like best about small town living.