Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Every Day Homeschool

On Thursday, I noticed a grasshopper on our tomato plants (which are still very green-hopefully no early frost this year!). I had the Lambs keep their eye on it while I went inside and got a jar. We put it in the jar and the Lambs collected leaves for it. I was amazed at how much it ate in a few minutes. The Lambs gathered more leaves. We watched it for awhile and counted the legs, etc. and then we let it go. The Lambs got to bed a little late with the interruption of the grasshopper. They got out their plastic insects. Lamb 1 put some of the grasshoppers in his pretend jar and Lamb 2 put some of his pretend grasshoppers loose in his bed. That is what they chose to play with for a few minutes before bedtime and what they chose for their toys to sleep with tonight. I am thankful for all these spontaneous moments to teach my Lambs.

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