Sunday, September 20, 2009

More slow start to school

The first week of school I had appointments to the midwife so we didn't do as much school as I would have liked.

The second week of school we were just starting to get on a schedule when Lamb 2 didn't feel well. Then Lamb 1 and Ewe joined him the next day. Lamb 3 joined him the next day. Today Ram joined them.

I don't know if we officially have H1N1 or just the flu or just a virus, but we're sick. Fevers, headaches, body aches, sore throats, some have a cough, and some have diarrhea. Unless one of us gets a very high fever or dehydrated, I don't plan to go to the doctor. I plan to just let it run it's course. I don't see any sense in giving our germs to the doctor office nor from picking up more germs there. I've heard H1N1 takes 5-7 days. At least we all have this at once though.

Ram took Lamb 1 to the Big Toy Day yesterday while the rest of us stayed home and were miserable. Lamb 1 and 2 feel better today. I'm getting there. Ram had planned to just greet people at church, not shake hands. Then he woke up with the chills and decided to just do church and not greet people at all. I hope he can make it through 3 services. The Lambs are upset to miss church and Sunday School, but we couldn't give them our germs.

I'm hoping in a few days we can all feel well enough to get back on schedule for school. Then next week we plan to go along to the pastor conference. It was planned to have a few days break from school then. We'll all be anxious to get home and get back on schedule after this.

The one positive I see about this is by homeschooling, Lamb 1 isn't missing school for all this, and we'll get caught up once everyone is healthy instead of doing make up work for school.

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