Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

The teacher slept in a little bit this morning. Then our babysitter called and said she was available today. So it ended up being a 1/2 day of school. This morning Lamb 1 wanted to do 5 pages in his math book, not just 3 like I asked him. I had him practice writing his numbers and number words for handwriting. Then the boys played with the Math U See blocks. Lamb 1 really counted the blocks as he played with them and built with them. We read some stories and read a Bible story. Lamb 1 thought school was too long today. I told him normally we would spread out school over the whole day, not just in the morning. He complained when it was time to sing a hymn. But he even cooperated for that so he would be allowed to go along to pick up our babysitter. We painted with our babysitter this afternoon so we did art today too. Time to read a few more stories before bed. It ended up being a good first day of school. Lamb 1 even admitted that he likes math! I didn't ask the Lambs to pose for a typical first day of school picture, but I did snap a few shots while they played with the MUS blocks!

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