Saturday, September 5, 2009

Potty Training

I am so thankful that we are homeschooling because Lamb 2 is not potty trained. If we had to hurry to potty train him before preschool, it would be a disaster.
I tried about 6 months ago and he wasn't ready. He tried to wet his underwear so he could get a new pair (another kind) then. We tried again about 2 weeks ago. This time he went several days with nothing on and then graduated to underwear. I think we are close to trying underwear with shorts or pants, but we're not quite there yet.
His first "prizes" were the magic capsules that grow into animals. That went so well that we bought some more, this time dinosaurs, at Target. He finished all those. Next I had some Thomas stickers that can be repositioned on the wall. He finished all those. I know I need to get to a store soon for more prizes, but we live far away from the store. So tonight, I decided to let him play a You Tube video-I picked it, but he pushed the button on the mouse to start it. We'll go through some Raffi and Sesame Street, etc. this way. We haven't let the Lambs watch You Tube this way before so it seemed like a new prize.
We have made a huge deal with lots of praise for keeping his underwear dry and e-mailing Grandpa and Grandma about it etc. That has seemed to work better than rewards for him. But Lamb 1 wants Lamb 2 to get rewards like he did.
So what "prizes" have you used successfully?
Next up, working on staying in bed at bedtime with Lamb 2!


Dakotapam said...

We used skittles, but it was never effective. Praise seemed to work best in the end, and I'm not consistent enough for prizes!

Anonymous said...

Either an m&m or a chocolate chip; we kept a small container on a high shelf in the bathroom. This only worked for kids 1-4, however: kid 5 figured out how to climb and eat all the chocolate chips before we were out of bed one morning! He learned without a prize after that. ;) I'm not sure what, if anything, we will do when it's Baby Boy's turn this winter.

Karen said...

I waiting until my children had control over their bodily functions and didn't use prizes to potty train them. I'm not good at keeping prizes on hand or would misplace them. Instead, I made a HUGE deal out of big kid underwear. Of course, the children would not want to ruin their big kid underwear that were so comfortable. If the child had a bm in the underwear, I heartlessly through the underwear in the trash. Each child lost 1 pair of underwear, but none of them lost a second pair.