Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Car Seats

A few weeks ago I vacuumed and cleaned out the car. I noticed that Lamb 2's car seat had expired. They are only valid for 5 years from manufacture date. When Lamb 1 outgrew his infant car seat he was in that seat. When Lamb 2 outgrew his infant car seat, we passed that car seat down from Lamb 1 to Lamb 2. Since Lamb 1 is 5 1/2, it made sense that Lamb 2's car seat was expired. Plus Lamb 3 is finally close enough to 20 lbs that the pediatrician said we could turn his car seat around.
So we made an appointment with the public health nurse and Ram went last Friday. I sent the Lambs heights and weights and we stayed home. Ram said it took a lot to get Lamb 3's car seat in and he was glad the Lambs weren't waiting all that time.

Lamb 3 sits in the middle row of seats in our minivan. We chose to keep him backwards so that he can see his brothers. It is safer for them to ride backwards too. I know I was able to keep him in an infant car seat WAY longer than the normal baby, but I will miss the convenience, especially in the winter of the infant car seat.
Lamb 1 passed his car seat down to Lamb 2. It actually wasn't expired yet. Lamb 2 still feels like he got a new car seat. With practice he can put his seatbelt on, but he can't take it off. This is probably good that I still have control over when he gets out of his seat.

Lamb 1 was finally close enough to 40 lbs that he got a booster seat. He can't put the seatbelt on, but he can take it off. It's the opposite of Lamb 2. Lamb 1 and 2 sit in the back row of our minivan together. They make a huge mess and have a grand time back there together. Lamb 1 could see the biggest difference with his new car seat. He said he could even see the white line on the edge of the road when he sits in his new car seat!
I'm thankful that we qualify for free car seats from the state. Car seats are very expensive! All 3 Lambs are now in car seats that the state gave us for free.
We probably should have done this several months ago, but I'm thankful that all 3 boys are in car seats that are the correct ones for them and are adjusted for their height and weight. This was on my to do list for a long time and I'm embarrassed to admit that we didn't get around to doing it until now. The Lambs safety is important to me. I'm glad that now they will be safe when we drive.
Next we need to wash Lamb 3's infant car seat and either give it away or use it for another baby and put Lamb 2's old car seat in the trash. We'll save that for another day.


MooreMama said...

I'm glad that you decided to keep Lamb 3 rearfacing. I was already composing a comment in my head but then I saw that you had. :)
(I have a lot to say on car seat safety, but struggle with not being overbearing with it...)

lamb 2's straps are twisted, which can affect the safety factor of his seat, but that's an easy fix.

(slinking out of the room now, please don't throw anything at me)

Kaila said...

Interesting post.!! Car seats are one of the best ways for child safety while driving. I too just picked a new car seat from Sears with a very good deal.