Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My plans for the rest of the week

I was already busy working on photos when Ram brought all this home today from 3 different members!

Snapfish has a sale this week until Sunday-free shipping. We live so far away from a place that prints photos at a reasonable price that we use Snapfish. Free shipping will save us a lot of money! I am very far behind on photos. Today I ordered photos from January to April 2009. I'm hoping to have time to fix up (delete bad photos, remove red eye, etc.) and send to Snapfish May-August 2009 later this week and also order them. We take A LOT of photos of the Lambs!

I guess now I'll also be freezing and canning A LOT of corn and tomatoes and other veggies! Add in that we started homeschool today and I won't be blogging much. Two posts today and probably not much more for the rest of the week. See you when I get caught up. Or you are welcome to come help me freeze some of this produce!

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