Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall pastor conference day 1

Ram had a conference in St. Cloud on Monday and Tuesday of this week. We considered going up on Sunday, but then he had an LLL meeting on Sunday night. So we had to get up really early on Monday in order for Ram to get there on time. We were all healthy and we were all able to go along. Well, on the way there Lamb 2 said he had to "spit up" so I got a little scared. But he did well the whole time.
We dropped Ram off at the conference. Two of my friends who I planned to meet there were unable to come. First, my college friend Leah, was visiting her family. Second, The Mama had sick kids and other reasons she was unable to come. I was really looking forward to meeting The Mama and having our kids play together. She was very disappointed to not come too. Please keep her (and her unborn baby and her kids) in your prayers. None of the pastor's wives from our circuit were able to attend either. So this meant that I had the 3 Lambs by myself while Ram attended the conference.
Monday was extremely windy which made it cold. The Lambs really wanted to go to a park, but it was just too windy. So we went to Menards and played on their swingsets etc. Each Lamb had their own little house to play in. Lamb 3 went in the swing for a long time. All 3 went down the slide several times. It was nice because it was a "park" but it was sort of inside and sheltered from the wind. It was still cold and the garage doors were very creaky with all that wind. We played for awhile and then did a little shopping. All 3 Lambs sat in one cart and made a train. There was hardly room in the cart to buy anything.
Next we went to Qdoba for lunch. I usually get 3 tacos for Lamb 1 and 2 to share. They ate all that and Lamb 1 was still hungry. Lamb 3 ate a lot of black beans.
Then we made a stop at Goodwill to drop off some of the stuff I've been cleaning out. We had to wait a long time because I think everyone else is doing the same thing and dropping off stuff after garage sales. We didn't go shopping. The Lambs wanted too, but I wasn't brave enough to take 3 Lambs there by myself.
Then we went to Barnes and Noble to play with the Thomas trains but we didn't buy anything.
Then we went to Coldstone Creamery. I had never been there before. I had a coupon for two but I foolishly thought it would be cheaper to get 2 kids cones plus my own instead of two adult size. I ended up spending way too much money there. Their ice cream was good, but I wasn't impressed enough to spend that much money on ice cream again. Of course, the next day the Lambs tried to talk me into going again!
Then we went shopping at Target. We bought everything on the list and only forgot one thing. I say that is pretty successful shopping when I'm not used to shopping by myself with the 3 Lambs. Of course the Lambs talked me into a lot from the dollar section and the toy section. They each chose one toy to keep and the rest were future prizes (potty training etc.). Lamb 1 chose a motor home matchbox car (something like Grandpa and Grandma have) and Lamb 2 chose a Schleich kangaroo.
Then we went to the drive up at Starbucks. Lamb 1 was shocked that I didn't get anything for Ram.
I was pretty tired after all this and Lamb 3 had fallen asleep so even though we were about 1 1/2 hours early, we went to the church to pick up Ram. Lamb 1 and 2 took turns "driving" and played in our minivan while Lamb 3 slept.
We went inside the church about 1/2 hour early. A pastor I knew from Seminary before I met Ram, totally surprised me and came up and gave me a hug. When Ram asked him about it later, he said, "I just felt like giving her a hug!" Another pastor said this pastor has really changed (for the better) since going through the Doxology program. Ram and I did a little shopping at the CPH booth and rounded up the wild Lambs for supper.
We met some of the other pastors from the circuit at Mongo's Grill for supper. We didn't even know there was a Mongolian Grill in St. Cloud before this. Lamb 1 ate really well-one big helping. Lamb 2 didn't eat so well. Lamb 3 ate lots of black beans. Lamb 1 asked if we could go back there for supper the next day! I ate too much but it was so yummy.
We went back to the hotel and went swimming for a short time. Then baths and bed. Ram went to another pastor's room to talk with the circuit pastors staying at our hotel.
We had a great day and it wasn't so bad for me to be stuck with the 3 Lambs without a buddy! The Lambs had a great time and were happy with their treats.

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Laura said...

This is a great post! I am actually enjoying my "mundane" household activities more since I now spend just a little time away from home. The things we do are hugely important in the lives of our family...and they have to be done for all of us to live a good life. I also hear ya about mommies being their for their kids. I love the fact that my work hours occur when the kids are in school...they don't see me leave or return home...I am usually always there for them Even with our older daughter living 6 minutes away...she still needs to have that contact and support from us, since we are still so close. Can I link you post to my blog?