Friday, November 27, 2009

Coconut Oil and Black Friday

My mom asked me a few months ago about using coconut oil. Rebellious Pastor's Wife had an excellent post on coconut oil today. I used to use Spectrum because we could get it at the grocery 1 1/2 hours away. Then I changed to LouAna from Walmart because it was so much cheaper. But I have not been happy with LouAna, especially for baking. I was thinking of going back to Spectrum but I may try Tropical Traditions now. Also, read the comments on this post because it has some more information.

Today Ram's parents left about 11:30am to begin their drive home. We had turkey sandwiches before they left. The Lambs "needed" their train track rebuilt before they left. They were only here a few days, but we had a nice dinner on Tuesday, church and a potluck on Wednesday night, and of course Thanksgiving dinner. Ram's dad organized my 30,000 (that is not an exaggeration!) e-mails since 2006. Amazing how much faster our computer runs now! He did a few other tasks on our computer and also fixed the Lambs easel and replaced batteries in a few toys. My dad has become the fix-it grandpa so the Lambs expect Ram's dad to also fix toys too. We also took a lot of pictures, especially so I could practice with his nice camera.

After they left we headed over to SD to the town about 20 miles away from us. We went to Farm and Fleet looking for an idea what Lamb 2 wanted for Christmas. He was no help but Lamb 1 had several ideas of what he wanted, but we already have Lamb 1's present. We bought each of the Lambs a small Schleich animal there so they got one thing today. Then I went to Hallmark and the drug store while Ram and the Lambs stayed in the car and played with their new animals. Melissa and Doug toys were 40% off at the drug store but I didn't see anything to buy for them. Hallmark had some good sales and I bought a few items at both stores. Then we went to a store called Alco and bought a few more items on sale, but still no ideas from Lamb 2. We went to the bank and to the local grocery store (great sales there too).
We definitely didn't get up early to shop, nor did we go to a bigger town or city with the big sales. But the salespeople in the stores we went to all had stories. One customer drove 1 1/2 hours and was there real early to go to Menards and found the exact same product locally when she got home for the exact same price. Another saw something too expensive in the town 1 1/2 hours away and didn't buy it and saw it cheaper in the local town.
We were pretty tired from this last week and the Lambs didn't have rest time, so we skipped the town 15 miles away parade and local stores open houses with lots of treats tonight. I didn't feel like fighting the mud outside our house and it was getting colder too. We put the Lambs to bed early. Ram is writing his sermon for a funeral tomorrow. I can't believe it will be December in just a few more days!

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