Friday, November 6, 2009

Ram's cooking class

Last night Ram attended a Vietnamese cooking class. He blogged about it here.

I was glad that he was the one that planned on attending because I was too sick to go. I was feeling a little bit better so I was able to put the boys to bed by myself and eat leftovers when he got home. I was glad he didn't have to miss it because we were sick.

Ram said one of the women that attended was married to a man that served in Vietnam. He never wants to eat Vietnamese type food again in his life. This was a good opportunity for her to get to eat yummy food although she didn't dare take leftovers home like most of the other ones that attended.

At first it seemed like an expensive class ($35). But Ram was able to eat there and brought home leftovers for me to eat and the boys to try a little the next day. He got the recipes so we can make it again for a special occasion. And many of the ingredients are not found at our local grocery store. It would cost more than the class fee for our family to go out to eat.

My mom attended a Chinese cooking class when I was a child. All while I was growing up a few times a year she cooked from those recipes. We still request her to cook Chinese when we actually get home. I think we may start a new tradition to cook Vietnamese a few times a year now.

We have been looking for ways for Ram to get out in the community and also be able to do non-church related events. This was a perfect opportunity. Our rural area doesn't do activities like this very often-mainly community education classes are things like baking holiday cookies. We will be looking to see next fall which country the home ec. teacher teaches another class and hopefully Ram can attend again.

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