Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly report and cloth diapers

The Lambs got healthy much earlier than I did. Lamb 3 seemed to have a runny nose hang on and wasn't eating as well as normal. I finally realized he got 4 molars and skipped the teeth inbetween so I didn't notice he was getting teeth. I finally felt well enough to have school yesterday (Saturday). Ram went the 1 1/2 hours to go shopping without us on Friday. I gave him a list and he did well-even got a turkey for 39 cents/lb. I won't have our weekly school report this week because we only had one day of school last week. We went out to eat for my birthday dinner tonight.
I have been working on an album for each of the Lambs with their photos that we have had taken professionally (usually Sears). I'm happy to report that I got all 3 albums caught up. I'm not sure if we'll be able to fit in photos in December or if we'll wait until January, but then I'll have another set of photos to add. It is so nice to have those albums caught up for now!
This week coming up I rescheduled their haircuts and Lamb 3 is also going to get his first haircut. I plan to clean the house well after we have all been sick and to get ready for Ram's parents to visit for Thanksgiving. I also plan to do some baking to get ready for Thanksgiving. I hope to be able to do a whole full week of school because I know after Thanksgiving life will get busy here until January.
I have a cloth diaper question for you blog readers. I have gone through cycles since Lamb 3 has been born. I use cloth diapers for awhile, then get lazy and use paper, then Lamb 3 gets diaper rash from the disposables, then I'm motivated to go back to cloth. I have nice cloth diapers so I don't want to spend any more money on that. My problem is the diaper covers leak. I don't know if Lamb 3 needs a different size or a different kind, but what I have is not working. What kind of diaper covers do you recommend and where do you buy them? I don't want to get all in ones-the diapers I have are good. When Ram's dad saw that I was using cloth with Lamb 3 he was surprised both that cloth costs so much (compared to what was available when he had children) AND that we would use cloth when we have the convenience of disposable available that he didn't have. I would really like to get better covers-partly to prove to Ram's dad that cloth does work, but mostly because Lamb 3 is allergic to disposables (and yes, I've tried every brand of disposables before I gave up and decided to try cloth). Plus, I would like to get my money's worth out of the cloth diapers I already have. I appreciate any advice you have.


Anonymous said...

What kind of cloth diapers are you using? How are you fastening them? How often do you change lamb's diapers? Can you tell me about the diaper covers you already have?
Mom to 4 (all cloth diapered) :)

Dakotapam said...

I'm with Mom to 4. If you are just laying a prefold in a cover and not fastening, that may be your problem, once babes get older they need to be snappied. Otherwise, coverwise I like prowraps covers for affordability or bummis whisper pant or dappi nylon covers. These pull on covers work fine for walkers...I don't like them on newborns. But they are affordable and work quite well. I get mine from

Ewe said...

I use mother-ease diapers with snaps. When I run out of those then I use prefolds with Snappis. I don't think the problem is the diapers, I think it is the covers. I just looked and the covers say size up to 25 lbs and Lamb 3 is only 20 lbs so I doubt the size is the problem. Or is it possible that he is too long? I use two kinds of covers-one homemade that I bought from a friend and the others are proraps. I'm sure I'm changing him often enough and that is not the problem. My friend that recommended proraps said she almost never had leaks so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Recently I have only been using cloth diapers during day time-I want to solve the leak problem during the day time before I attempt night time.

Dakotapam said...

He has thin legs...are the covers tight enough on the thighs? Where are they leaking from? If any part of the diaper is touching any part of fabric that is not waterproofed on the covers the urine will wick. So make sure everything is tucked. I don't think I'm that much help! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dakotapam. Check those things about the cover. I use Motherease diapers and covers and don't have trouble with leaks.
Mom to 4