Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fever, cough, and runny noses...again

All 3 Lambs and Ewe woke up with fevers and coughs. Some of the Lambs also have very runny noses. So far, Ram still feels fine. Yesterday our babysitter came and Lamb 2 was coughing a little. I hope we didn't make her sick. There was no ECFE yesterday because of election day (crazy because we didn't even have anything to vote about so no elections for our small town). I was able to get a lot accomplished while the babysitter was here when we didn't have to take her home early because of ECFE! I got a lot of little projects accomplished.
Ram only had one thing on the calendar today-to teach the school kids released time. He is still going to go because he feels fine. Thankfully he didn't have people scheduled to visit today. I'm grateful he will be home most of the day because I don't feel well enough to take care of the Lambs all day!
We had scheduled to get their hair cut tomorrow and go for well visit checkups at the doctor and get Christmas photos taken on Monday. I know we have to cancel haircuts (we go to a friend's house and after haircuts they play with her homeschooled children). So we also have to cancel photos if they don't have haircuts first. We'll see if the checkups end up being well visit or sick ones.
So we had H1N1 in September, the Lambs had colds in October, and now the Lambs and Ewe are sick in November. I really hope this sick once a month pattern does not continue all winter! We actually take vitamins, the Lambs take cod liver oil, eat pretty healthy, and rarely go out besides church and ECFE. After each of the sicknesses I cleaned really well, changed sheets, etc. and even recently mopped the floor (which never gets done!). I don't know what else we can do to be proactive.


Dakotapam said...

Aha! It is too clean! Just teasing! I hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Becky said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling sick again! I'll be praying for you. And I'm taking your advice to take things really slowly as we get better. Thanks for that. I needed someone to give me permission not to push myself. :) Thank goodness for homeschooling and the ability to declare sick days willy nilly. Hope you've been able to rest today.