Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sickness Update

All the Lambs are feeling better and Ram never got sick this round. Ram took Lamb 1 and 2 to ECFE this afternoon. It was his first time taking the boys to ECFE.
Ram made me go to the doctor because I still wasn't better after one week. The doctor agreed that I should be better from regular flu by now. She put me on antibiotics to hopefully help my cough and also help my possible ear infection. I had so much wax that she couldn't actually see my ear drum. In the old days (aka when I was a child) they would clean all that wax out. Now they don't want to disturb the possible ear infection nor risk putting a hole in the ear drum. I have memories of the pain of cleaning out the wax so I was happy we didn't have to do that today.
I took Lamb 3 with me to the doctor because he had not been without a fever for 24 hours so I didn't want to send him to ECFE. It made Ram's job to go to ECFE much easier without Lamb 3. Lamb 3 was scared of my nurse and doctor and afraid they were going to check on him.
This has all been more complicated because our previous doctor got burned out and moved away. It is difficult to be a doctor in this rural area. So we chose to go to a closer town with several doctors but one brand new female doctor. Our previous doctors since we moved here were all Asian. This new doctor graduated from high school when I graduated from college so she is just a few years younger than me. She grew up in this area and wanted to come home. I am hoping that we can stick with her as our doctor for awhile. It was a little strange going to the doctor today and not having to pay such close attention to her accent. I liked hearing English!

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