Monday, November 2, 2009

Eighth Week of School

Here's what we accomplished this week:
Math: Worked on MUS lesson 5. The concept here is adding 1 to a number.
Handwriting: Lamb 1 practiced writing his first and last name and October some more. He is improving. I got organized and printed off some more handwriting papers for him to use in November.
Phonics: We reviewed vowels and the consonants we did before. We learned the consonants m, n, p, and qu.
Religion: Memorized Hebrews 13:6 (for Sunday School), worked on memorizing the fourth and fifth commandments and the hymn For All the Saints. The boys only had one week to learn For All the Saints after we had worked on A Mighty Fortress is Our God. They did not do quite as well this week as they did the week before. We did more Bible stories about Abraham and Isaac.
Science: We read more science books on fall topics like leaves and pumpkins. Lamb 1 is getting tired of these, Lamb 2 is still learning from them.
Reading: We started The Rag Coat. This is too long of a book for Lamb 2 to sit and pay attention. I plan to do some extra activities with quilts with this book so we will spend 2 weeks on it. Read a few stories from My Book House and a few poems, recited the R.L. Stevenson poems we had been working on.
Latin: Worked on Lesson 4 and 5 from Prima Latina.
Art: Painting with babysitter on Tuesday.On Tuesday our babysitter came and we had ECFE so we didn't do school. The ECFE theme was bodies/food. All 3 Lambs enjoyed having their bodies traced on large paper. We brought them home and we plan to cut them out and color them.

We had a very busy, but fun weekend. On Friday evening we went trick or treating at the neighboring town's businesses. You don't realize how many local businesses there are until you walk down the whole street on a windy night! The Lambs came home with overflowing buckets and we even had to carry them for them at the end. Then we ate at the our insurance agent's customer appreciation dinner. We had a nice supper of pork sandwiches. On Saturday we went to the open house for the veterinarian's new building. She is one of our church members. The building was so nice with boarding for cats/dogs, animal hospital, exam rooms, laboratory, and even a drive through drop off large animals part. She served a hot dog/hamburger lunch and had lots of Halloween activities/treats for the kids. She loved the Lambs costumes. Then we went trick or treating to a few church members homes in the same town as the vet and then also in our town. With them working on our town sewer system, we couldn't go to everyone that we usually go to. We were glad we went in the afternoon instead of going through the muddy streets at night. Saturday evening we had brats and sauerkraut. Sunday we had church and then Ram took Lamb 1 to a concert over in SD. Lamb 1 enjoyed having time with Ram and the other Lambs enjoyed playing together without Lamb 1.

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