Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's my birthday...

and I'll cry if I want would cry too if this happened to you!

This is definitely NOT the post that I planned to be posting today! In this photo I had a 104 degree temperature. I was freezing! I put a hat on and Lamb 2 asked me where I was going. He was really puzzled when I answered "bed".

It didn't help that earlier in the week Lamb 2 asked me if I was going to die after my birthday (he was serious). After I had answered that question to his satisfaction then he asked me if 36 was REALLY OLD. I didn't know how to answer the second question. Come on, I'm ONLY 1 1/2 years older than Ram, but having my 3 year old ask these questions did not make me happy.

I'm too sick to go out to eat for my birthday and I have no taste buds because of my cold so I don't care to have Ram cook me something special. Our church didn't have communion on All Saints Day so I was looking forward to church with communion this week. We're not all going to be better in time for church on Sunday. We were scheduled to take the Lambs for Christmas photos on Monday (which really ends up being MY present to scrapbook) and they have too red of noses to go.

The good news is that the UPS man was kind enough to walk through the mud to deliver the 33 lb box of birthday presents that my MIL sent. Ram's grandma sent a big box of chocolate to be enjoyed after I feel better. (Isn't that the greatest grandma to send CHOCOLATE?) The restaurant that we go to honors the free birthday meal all month during your birthday. The Lambs practiced singing Happy Birthday tonight so they'll be ready in the morning. I'm married to a pastor so I can still have communion. We rescheduled the Christmas photos for later in the week and hopefully we'll all be well enough to go then.

On second thought, I won't cry, I'll be thankful for my blessings, especially for my Ram and my Lambs.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday! That is a great picture....glad you could smile about the whole thing!

Becky said...

Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope you feel better soon!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you're feeling better very soon--it's the pits to be sick on your birthday. Better make it your birth month!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about you being sick on your birthday! But sometimes we have to celebrate birthdays not on the exact date, but on one more convenient for everyone - so perhaps you can have a REAL birthday celebration in a few days.
In Christian love, Suzanne L

Erin said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you are feeling better and that you guys hit a stride of good health soon! It seems like you are always battling some germ or another. Get well!!!