Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ninth Week of School Report

I had planned on doing a little report card at this point because we have finished 9 weeks of school. That will need to wait until next week.
Monday was probably the worst day of school we have had so far this year. I couldn't figure out why the Lambs were so uncooperative and why I had no patience for them not paying attention. We were able to finish all the subjects but many tears and time outs happened before that. The real icing on the cake was Lamb 2 wrote on our sofa. Lamb 3 is talking enough to know it wasn't Lamb 3. Lamb 1 was eliminated because not only would he not do that, but he's always honest. So it was Lamb 2. Any ideas how to get a sofa clean? He said it was pencil but it is so dark that I think it is also pen.
Tuesday was a little better because we had the motivation that the babysitter was coming. We completed all our subjects before she came.
Wednesday through Friday we were all too sick to have school. Monday made more sense on Wednesday. We were beginning to get sick on Monday! Lamb 1 and 2 were reciting their phonics before bed on Friday night. I think they missed having school, don't you? Lamb 1 especially missed math.
Saturday was my birthday and even if I felt better I declared that we aren't having school on important holidays including our family birthdays.
Before we got sick we accomplished a little.
We worked on math a little. I went back to the beginning with Lamb 1 to work on handwriting. We worked on Aa. He has picked up some bad habits which I'm hoping to break before they get worse. For phonics we did r. We worked on the commandments some more and began memorizing the hymn We Praise You O God, Redeemer Creator. We did more Bible stories about Isaac, Jacob and Esau. We read more science books on fall topics like leaves and pumpkins. We continued The Rag Coat and will also work on it next week. We read from My Book House, also read The Ugly Ducking and Peter Rabbit and recited the R.L. Stevenson poems we had been working on. We continued to work on Latin. The Lambs did play doh with their babysitter on Tuesday. There was no ECFE this week. Hopefully we will all be healthy enough to have a regular week of school this week!

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Melrose said...

Umm, can I please have your brain, or at least pick it?! :D I havent been on many blogs in awhile but have been making the rounds today and am blown away by all that you accomplish with homeschooling your boys!! Now I'm going to have to read through any past posts on homeschooling so I can see how you do it! Thanks for writing about it!