Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Lambs wake up call for me today

The Lambs came in a few times this morning asking if they could get out the Lincoln Logs and questions like that while Ram and I slept in a little. When Lamb 3 woke up I sent him to play with his brothers. I must have been sleeping harder than I thought, because I had no idea they were in the basement longer than bringing the Lincoln Logs up.
The Lambs were playing quietly beside our bed. I opened up my eyes and Lamb 3 was using two toilet cleaning brushes like canes. I freaked out because I just used one of those brushes to clean the toilet on Monday. I'm sure there was still cleaning stuff on it. We washed Lamb 3's hands and face, just in case, but as far as we could tell, he was just walking with them, didn't put them near his body.
Lamb 2 reported that he had to go to the bathroom while they were in the basement and that is when Lamb 3 got the brushes. I keep the cleaning supplies up high, but I kept the brushes in the bathroom downstairs where the Lambs rarely go. I need to find a new place to keep the brushes now!
Lamb 2 also reported that Lamb 3 took those brushes in the living room and I could tell he took them across the dirty clothes that came down the laundry chute, up the steps, down the hallway, and in our bedroom. As far as I can tell, no damage was done. I'm not sure if bleach spots will show up later on our carpet? We already have one bleach spot on the carpet in the hallway from when my old cleaning lady did that. This is a time that I hate living in a parsonage-you never know what young children will do. It's so much worse when the house doesn't belong to you.

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