Tuesday, November 24, 2009

National Tie One on Day

Tomorrow is National Tie One on Day! I know who I am going to write an encouraging note to and possibly share a plate of homemade cookies with too. I'm going to do it a little early because we are going to be busy with family tomorrow. But I do plan to wear an apron several times this week while I'm baking and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.
A few years ago one of our churches had a guest night that the theme was aprons. They decorated all the tables with aprons for your dish soap that we were able to take home. Several women modeled aprons of all kinds. They read some poems about aprons. It was an enjoyable evening.
My interest in aprons started that guest night. We had already cleaned out my grandma's house and it was too late to get one of the hundreds of aprons that she had. Before caterers for weddings, it was an honor to help serve at a friend's wedding reception and the gals that served wore matching aprons that they were able to keep. My grandma had several of these from having 2 daughters. I wish I would have taken more when I was offered them. I did get a few of my grandma's aprons. Ram's grandma gave me a few more. Then we visited Ram's Great Uncle Del and he gave me a few of Great Aunt Trudy's aprons. Then the last time we visited Great Uncle Del, his home health nurse encouraged me to take some more aprons. With Aunt Trudy gone, no one wants those aprons except me.
Then Angie recommended The Apron Book. I enjoyed reading more and learning more about aprons.
On Sunday Ram was my photographer to model some of my aprons. I have more that aren't pictured here! Unfortunately I got aprons but didn't always pay attention who they were from. I think I have them correct here-maybe my mom can correct me if I'm wrong on some of these. Aunt Trudy and Ram's grandma were much shorter than I am. Some of the ties are not long enough on those!

I think this apron belonged to my grandma. I wore it for my Halloween costume this year. I was a "housemother". One lady complimented my apron!
I think this was also my grandma's.

Another of my grandma's.

Another of my grandma's

This was Aunt Trudy's. I think it is pretty with the decoration on top. I didn't quite get it on straight in my fast modeling/photography session.

Aunt Trudy's. This would be great for an every day apron, but there aren't any pockets. Maybe some day I'll add pockets.

Aunt Trudy's. Lamb 2 is modeling the apron that I like him to wear when he helps me bake. He always makes a big mess. We bought this apron. Lamb 1 is modeling an apron that is actually meant for gardening that we got free from some promotion. He wears this one for baking because he doesn't get as messy. I guess we'll have to buy an apron for Lamb 3 soon.

My apron looks like a candy striper! Another of Aunt Trudy's. The Lambs switched aprons for the photo.

Aunt Trudy's.

Aunt Trudy's. I think this one is beautiful!

Aunt Trudy's. Says Portugal on it.

Aunt Trudy's.

Aunt Trudy's.

Aunt Trudy's.

One of my students gave me this Vera Bradley apron for a present. After that, Vera Bradley didn't sell aprons at their annual sale in Fort Wayne very often. I was glad to get this one. I wear it often when I wear an apron. Ram likes me to wear aprons and I'm getting better at wearing them!

This one was Ram's Grandma's. I think she was glad to pass it on to her "granddaughter".
Now, go participate in National Tie One on Day!


Dakotapam said...

I love aprons too...but I don't have nearly as many as you!

JAN said...

Oh my goodness. I love your aprons! I wish I had that many. :) I have never heard of The Apron Book. Perhaps I need to invest in it?