Monday, November 30, 2009

Update and Prayer Request

Last week was busy, but fun. Ram's parents made it home safely yesterday. I have also been working on a Christmas present so I didn't get a blog post written yesterday. I received my free Christmas cards and they look really nice. I don't know when they came, because FedEx left them at the church. We only did school a few days last week so there isn't a lot to report on school. I'm afraid December will be the same-just a few days of school each week, with lots of Christmas activities. The Lambs have a Christmas party for ECFE already tomorrow night!
DakotaPam needs our prayers for her husband, church, and twin girls she is pregnant with. You can read the specifics to pray for here. She is a blog friend that I've met in real life. I'm afraid we are going to hear more similar stories with the economy.

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Dakotapam said...

Thanks for your prayers. As you can see by today's update, we are doing better day by day. God has great plans for us...I just wish we knew what they were! I feel surrounded by love, both locally and online and I know that God hears our prayers. We'll be fine. We are taken care of. The flock will be cared will all work out, even if it feels raw right now.