Sunday, April 18, 2010

28th Week of School Report

We had school every day except for Friday and Saturday last week. On Friday Lamb 1 went to the dentist and on Saturday we relaxed after our long day on Friday. Here's what we accomplished last week. Our babysitter came and we had Spanish class on Tuesday. We worked on getting the garden ready to plant on Wednesday and Thursday. The Lambs played outside a lot all week with the beautiful weather. This coming week Ram has a funeral, an appointment for our recalled Toyota, and a one day conference. We should be able to do a lot of school in the morning and work on the garden in the afternoon this week while Ram is so busy. Lamb 2 vomited a little bit this morning so we didn't go to church-hopefully he's just tired from Friday and we're not starting a new round of sickness in our home this week!
Math: We finished MUS lesson 17 and began lesson 18. Lamb 1 began subtraction this week. After many lessons building a foundation for this, it was easy for him. I was glad for the change because addition was getting a little challenging for him so he could use a change now.
Reading: We continue to read My Book House. We were waiting for some FIAR books we requested at the library so we didn't do any FIAR this week. I picked up 3 FIAR library books on Saturday so we'll continue this week. We did not do any new poems this week.
Spanish: We did not do Latin this week while we are attending Spanish class. We continue to learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, and body parts (eyes, nose, mouth etc.) in Spanish. We played Uno several times this week too.
Phonics/Religion/History/Science: We still are taking a break from these subjects. I hope to pull out some more books for history and science this week.
Music: We continue reading and listening to The Story of the Orchestra. We are currently doing percussion instruments now.
Art: We read Hana in the Time of the Tulips by Noyes. I thought it was a book about art (Rembrandt), but it was a history book too. They did a few craft projects at Spanish class. They have been going to the park with their babysitter instead of painting or play doh.

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