Sunday, April 25, 2010

29th Week of School

We did some school this week. We were all too sick to have school on Tuesday and I was too sick to have school on Thursday. We had school the rest of the days this week. Our babysitter didn't come when we were sick. Here's what we accomplished.
Math: Continued to work on lesson 18 MUS-almost done. We checked out a kit from the library that had addition and subtraction activities that was very good for the Lambs. I was afraid we would lose the small pieces (or a Lamb would eat them), but that's another story.
Reading: Lamb 2 chose a Richard Scarry book from the library last time so it started a "read all the Richard Scarry books that we own" phase at our house. We read some My Book House volume 3 and also recited all the poetry we learned this year. We read Storm in the Night but we did not do any FIAR activities with it. We read The Gingerbread Man many times this week because Lamb 3 likes to say "RUN, RUN".
Science: We read some books about parts of a plant.
Religion: We did the Bible story "A Miraculous Catch of Fish" that they missed in Sunday School last week.
Spanish: We reviewed what we learned in class but we were unable to attend this week because we were sick.
Music: We continue to learn instruments and listen to them in The Story of the Orchestra.
Phonics/Handwriting/History are all taking a break right now-hopefully we can accomplish more this week when we feel better.
We have also been doing two other tasks this week-
1. I chose a stack of about 30 books that were rarely read in our house and each night the Lambs pick a few of those to read. If they seem interested in the book they go back on the shelf-if not, we put them in the give away pile. So far only a couple have made it back on the shelf. I will have a whole post about our children's books soon.
2. I've been going through my teaching files for activities/bulletin boards for holidays. Lamb 1 has been thrilled to do this "extra work" when I had extra copies. I am almost done with May (going in Jan-Dec order). My biggest files are Sept-Dec, so those will take longer than the first ones.
Now we're off to celebrate Ram's birthday coming up this week. The calendar is pretty calm this week so hopefully we can get lots accomplished in homeschool.

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