Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter bonnets

Last Easter Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne had the ladies wear hats and they took a photo. The Lutheran Witness did a story about this. Our country church decided to join in the fun this year. My mom also wore a hat even though she is not a member of our church. The lady 3rd from the left in the back-she kept this hat all these years-it was from about the time of her confirmation. The gal on the end in the back-her mom had this hat in her closet. The lady holding the baby is not the mom of the girls-their mom refused to wear a hat. The lady holding the baby borrowed her hat from our 103 year old member of our church. The lady next to the baby, she is over 90 and she crawled behind her Christmas decorations to get her old hat. Her daughter refused to search in that little space in the closet under the stairs for more hats and still doesn't know how her mom got to that one that she wore. The lady in pink borrowed her hat-she looked lovely with her matching purse and suit and hat.
Another lady in our tri-parish who is over 90 was a little jealous that our church was doing this. She has tons of hats in her attic. Maybe the other two churches in our tri-parish will join in next year. The stories about hats that we heard while we were planning this were wonderful-the lady next to the baby said every fall she bought a new coat and a matching hat. Many talked about how things have changed since they would never have dreamed of going to church without a hat on their head to not even knowing where their hats are in their attics!

It was a fun Easter and I hope our church does this again!

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