Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Easter outfit

When my sister was here in March, I asked her to help me find an Easter dress. My question for her was, do you find the dress or the hat first? I ended up finding this dress at Coldwater Creek. It was expensive for what I usually spend on myself, especially considering shipping was expensive. Shortly after I bought the dress, they had a sale on everything on their site. When I looked then, they were sold out of all sizes of this dress except for one petite size. I was so glad I bought the dress when I did, and didn't wait. The dress was a little lower cut and sleeveless that I didn't like. So I solved that by wearing a sweater and next time I will safety pin it. It's not a good combination to be low cut and have a 2 year old!
I bought the hat from The regular shipping was more than the hat. It took a long time to come after I ordered it and I was getting nervous that it wouldn't be here in time. Finally Ram e-mailed them and asked where it was. It came the day after he sent the e-mail. They had all kinds of hats and if you're willing to pay the shipping and wait, they are nice hats.
When I walked into church, the ladies were so surprised that I had a new outfit. I told them this was the first dress I had bought in over 7 years that wasn't a maternity dress or for nursing. It was the first dress that I bought new in a very long time-probably 10 years. I hate ironing, so I probably will only wear it a few times a year, but it was so nice to get a treat for myself.
Ram surprised me with the corsage. We had a very busy day on Holy Saturday and he fit in time to go to the flower shop. The corsage didn't work too well while holding a 2 year old-I'm almost dropping him in some of the photos-but it was a nice treat from Ram. I haven't had a corsage since high school!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You looked so nice!

Joelle said...

Nice outfit! I never wear hats...unless it is a very cold day outside - and then it is for warmth alone! Very nice of B. to get you a corsage! My dad used to get one for my mom and me on Easter. I don't think I've had one since then. There are 2 ladies at our church who wear hats every week. One has boxes and boxes of hats - all very bright and ornate (sometimes a bit gaudy :) It is always fun to see what she is wearing each week. Back to outfits - I only have 2 dresses. I'm a much bigger fan of skirts and blouses. I think my smaller frame (but not short) makes it hard to find dresses that fit properly. I couldn't order clothes online either - things in the same size from the same brand often fit me differently. I have to try them on.

Anyways - you looked great! Happy Easter!

The Mama said...

Wow, I love that hat! I didn't get a new hat in time, so I wore and old black on on Easter. OOOPS!