Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ice Cream

Yesterday we took Lamb 1 to the dentist to get two fillings. We left our house at about 8am and didn't get home until 1am. It is a 3 hour drive to the pediatric dentist and then we had shopping to do too.
Lamb 1 did great at the dentist and we decided when his mouth didn't feel numb that we should go for ice cream. We asked and no one could tell us where an ice cream shop was other than Coldstone Creamery. We later remembered that we knew where Culvers was, but we forgot about that at the time. I don't like Coldstone Creamery because it is so expensive. Plus the combinations that they suggest on the wall don't even sound good.
We ordered 3 kids dishes and 1 small dish for Ram (all plain-no mix ins). I made the mistake of ordering a small Very Vanilla shake. I didn't read the menu very well and not only was my shake very expensive, but it wasn't just a vanilla shake, it was a carmel shake. Except for my shake there was no way that we could have gotten ice cream there any cheaper than our small plain ice cream. Our bill was $13.50. While we were sitting there eating the ice cream, I thought of how our grandparents never ever would have spent as much money as people spend at Coldstone Creamery-probably not on an entire evening's activity-and how people spend that much on ice cream today, usually after going out to eat or going to the movie or another activity. Ram commented that his dad would not approve of spending that much money on ice cream or maybe he would do it just once for a very special treat for his grandboys. That comment is coming about his dad that doesn't have to pinch pennies like we do and also likes to spoil his grandboys a little bit. All this just shows one more example of what is happening to the American economy today. My sister said that she only goes to Coldstone Creamery if she goes on a date and she doesn't have to pay and she never orders the suggestions on the wall. Maybe that's the right way to go there!
We did much better at Toys R Us and used our birthday coupons to get a few small treats for the boys and a gift for a friend too. The Lambs got free paper crowns and balloons at Toys R Us to make them even more happy.
The Lambs are playing with their new toys and Ram had to go visit a member in the hospital this morning. I'm trying to get everything ready so I can go to scrapbooking this afternoon. I was supposed to go all day but Ram had to go to the hospital and I was tired from yesterday too.


Melrose said...

I just wanted to say, it sounds like you and your husband are amazing examples of Christian stewardship. It also sounds like you very rarely splurge. My parents were the same way but every once and awhile my Dad would take us kids out for a special treat. I could tell by the look on his face that spending the money was hard and since we did it so rarely I knew it was a splurge...but those outings taught me something very important as a kid. It taught me that though my dad cared about being a good steward, he also cared about enjoying life and his kids and showing us that money is not life and not our God. I bet your kids are learning the same thing. So good for you mama, dont feel guilty, instead enjoy the smiles on their faces as you treat them and they'll remember it too :)

Erin said...

Our local Coldstone offers $1 one-scoop cones. It is perfect: a perfect portion and no buyer's remorse.

Does your McDonald's have $0.49 cones? I usually ask them to make the cones on the smaller side--the cones are big, even for a grown-up!