Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ram and Ewe's date

Last Saturday, while my parents were here, we put the Lambs to bed a little early and went out without them. First we went to church, Easter Vigil service, about 45 minutes away. It was wonderful to be at that whole long service without any Lambs to watch during the service! I love the Easter Vigil service-they had a small fire pit outside and then the beautiful readings and Holy Communion and some of my favorite hymns.
Then we were the last customers at this local Italian restaurant (in the same town as the church). We had lobster dip and this fancy chocolate dessert. It was so wonderful to have hot cheese dip (Lamb 1 hates hot cheese) and our chocolate dessert had small pieces of toffee on top (Lamb 1 can't have because of his caps on his teeth). The staff was busy getting ready for an Easter buffet so we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves. Then we still had the 45 minute car ride home.
We haven't even gone out without the Lambs once a year in the past 6 years. I could name our few dates since Lamb 1 was born-one movie while we were at my parents when Lamb 1 was a toddler; once or maybe twice out to eat when my parents watched Lamb 1 and 2 before Lamb 3 was born; one day out to a bookstore and out to eat with just Lamb 3 while my parents watched Lamb 1 and 2; and once out to eat with just Lamb 3 while my parents watched Lamb 1 and 2. I have a babysitter come once a week and I attempt to get something done while she is here. She has offered to babysit for us to go out for an evening. I think we'll have to take her up on that deal! The Lambs love our babysitter too.
I expected Lamb 3 to have the most difficult time with us gone because we had never left him and both gone out (with the exception of my doctor visits a few months ago while Ram was at his grandpa's funeral). Lamb 3 just laid in his bed very quiet until he fell asleep. Lamb 2 was his usual pain at bedtime-going to the bathroom several times before he settled down. Lamb 1 was the one that had a total fit when he figured out we left. "I want my Mama!" Grandpa was able to talk to him calmly and soon after his talk with Grandpa he also fell asleep. Grandpa and Grandma were glad to babysit and give us a chance to go out. Grandma was glad that Grandpa was able to calm Lamb 1 down!
We were all exhausted after Easter morning services, especially because we had been out late on Saturday night, but Ram and I thought our date night was worth the exhaustion the next day!

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Kenneth said...

One of the tips that someone gave me as we entered this new chapter in life called parenthood was, "The best thing that you can do for your child is to love your husband." So glad to hear that you too took this time to invest in each other and your marriage. Keep it up!