Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cookie Monster

We don't have TV and even when we did, the Lambs rarely watched Sesame Street. When I was little I watched Mr. Rogers, but I rarely watched Sesame Street. We went to the library on Saturday and I let the Lambs each pick one book to check out. The Lambs do know who the Sesame Street characters are from the Pampers they wore when I didn't use cloth diapers and we also have a few books with Sesame Street characters. Lamb 3 chose a book called Food! by Cookie Monster.
Reasons why I didn't like this book-
1. Bad grammar-continually uses "me" instead of "I". "Me love healthy food!"
2. I thought the point of the book was to teach there are healthy foods instead of just eating cookies all the time. Some of the healthy foods it shows him eating are pizza, a huge hero sandwich, birthday cake, and movie popcorn. Pizza can be homemade and made healthy, but they missed a great chance to show Cookie Monster eating lots of fruits and veggies to encourage children to eat healthy.
3. Lamb 3 just turned 2 and he wasn't very interested in this book like he is when we read some of the classics like Goodnight Moon! If it isn't interesting for a 2 year old, what age group would this book be for?
This experience is why we rarely use the library even though we homeschool. We have a better library at home. I'm not sure I would allow the Lambs to watch Sesame Street if we had TV. Or maybe I would purchase the old Sesame Street DVDs and not allow them to watch the new modern ones.


Gina said...

Given that John watches too much tv at this point in life, but it's getting better around here, I would second the notion to skip Sesame Street, personally I find Elmo to be more annoying than Barney and that's bad.

Joelle said...

I'm not a fan of any book based on cartoon characters. The quality is always so poor. Audrey wants to check out a book with Dora or Strawberry Shortcake (or whoever) some weeks. I usually only let one of the books be from a show (I try to have none, but I let her pick 5 books). I've only seen the current Sesame St. a few times - many annoying characters now! Elmo, Zoe, Baby Bear - yuck! I love seeing old snippets of Sesame St. from long ago (Electric Company too!).