Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today and My Lambs

Today is Ram's dad's birthday. Happy Birthday! We sent his card late and he was on a business trip so we didn't get to talk to him on the phone. But we had a long chat with his mom instead. I love my MIL-it's great to talk to someone that also had 3 boys!

Ram and I were so sick from Monday afternoon until this afternoon. Even when I was done throwing up, my head hurt terrible-not really a headache as much as being in a total fog. My blood pressure was pretty high this afternoon which would explain that "fog". The Lambs weren't perfect while Ram and Ewe were sick and we did have our share of discipline to deal with even while we were sick, but overall they did really well. We didn't allow them to go outside while we were really sick and couldn't supervise them and they hate not going outside. We had school on Monday and Wednesday, but I was too sick to teach school on Tuesday and today. Maybe Lamb 1 was missing school time, but I caught him doing these 2 "activities" that I just had to share here!
1. He chose a large book off the shelf and decided to "read the numbers" to me in the table of contents. I had never attempted to teach him to read numbers past 100. He started reading "447" in this table of contents. He didn't get all the numbers correct and I was too sick to use this teachable moment, but I was impressed. Now that I feel better, I'll have to work with him on this later this week.
2. Lamb 1 was asking a lot of questions that I was too sick to answer. Questions about when I expected him to finish his math book; when we would take a summer break; when Lamb 2 would begin doing math in school; and when Lamb 3 would begin doing more school with us, etc. He didn't like my answers that when he finished his math book, we would purchase another one; that we aren't taking a summer break, we only break for going to CA and vacations like that; that Lamb 3 would do more, but not as much as Lamb 1 and 2 next fall; and that Lamb 2 couldn't do math until he could write his numbers from 0-9. So Lamb 1 decided right then to teach Lamb 2 to write his numbers. He soon found that was very difficult! So then he decided to teach Lamb 2 to draw some shapes (rectangle, square, circle, etc.). He had worked hard on making some worksheets for Lamb 2 to write his numbers and then he switched to shapes. He told me he wanted Lamb 2 to "learn some math" even if writing numbers was too difficult. Lamb 3 was watching all this and he was thrilled when Lamb 1 helped him hold a pencil and draw some shapes too. Lamb 1 was very good about giving both Lamb 2 and Lamb 3 praise and encouraging them in their math.

I worked on dishes and laundry all day to try to catch up from our sickness. I'm glad that I finally feel better and "out of the fog". Erin told me she had 17 loads of laundry to do after their family was sick. I didn't have that much laundry, but the laundry I had was gross. But I probably had that many loads of dishes!

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