Friday, April 9, 2010


Lamb 1 and 2 have been playing outside a lot recently during our nice weather. I gave them some old sippy cups to use as pots and they have been filling them with dirt and planting pinecones or other small items. It's too early to plant our real garden, but they have fun with their pretend garden. On Wednesday we had a problem with being sneaky and coming inside and filling their pots with water from the basement bathroom. That sink is full of dirt now. Yesterday, I was glad we had that problem solved-no coming inside once you are outside. But yesterday, the Lambs could not get along at all. Lamb 2 usually started it with poking Lamb 1 with sticks. I was interrupted multiple times to take care of it. I kept watching out the window. Finally I saw Lamb 1 beating up Lamb 2. They were rolling around in the grass and pulling on whichever limb of their brother they could reach the fastest. Between the time I saw the Lambs doing this and the time I got to the back door to yell at them, Lamb 1 had picked up part of the drain pipe and was getting ready to hit Lamb 2 with it. They both had to come inside immediately. Lamb 2 was tired of playing outside and he went and played in the living room. Lamb 1 was very upset and everything was Lamb 2's fault and he had a major tantrum in his room before he came out. I didn't say a word at this time.
Lamb 1 happened to pick a book for bedtime about sharing and taking turns. After reading the book then I used that as a chance to talk to the boys about playing outside earlier that day. Of course both were ready to blame the other, but neither could think of anything they themselves had done wrong outside. I finally drug the story out of both of them-thankfully I had watched them out the window enough to give them prompts. Lamb 1 declared that they should have the punishment of not playing outside the next day. I said they could play outside after they picked up all the sticks in the yard. So today they will be busy picking up sticks.
Ram is home a lot so I don't have to deal with issues like this by myself very often. I was trying to get a lot of other things done yesterday and didn't have time to come up with a plan while they were outside. But looking back, I think that it all worked out wonderful. We didn't deal with it while everyone was angry. Waiting and then discussing it went much better. They are looking forward to working together to pick up sticks today. Plus our yard will be ready to mow.
I don't have any brothers so sometimes I don't feel prepared to be a Mama to boys. Sometimes I don't know what God was thinking to give me 3 boys! Yesterday is one example that I really can do this.

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Dakotapam said...

Some days raising boys seems like a mystery. I only had a sister, so all of this is new to me as well. If it makes you feel better, my boys act the same way, even the big ones. I'd like to say I feel more confident raising girls. They are a mystery as well.