Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little progress

Lamb 1 has been scared talk to the bank tellers when we go to the bank. I think it started when one bank event had a costumed character, but that is another story. This week is "teach your child to save" week at our bank. They have different activities each day with extra treats for making deposits. On Monday, if you told a joke or sang a song or something like that, you got a treat. Monday we didn't make it to the bank before closing time. I didn't expect him to even talk at the bank so I wasn't too worried about missing Monday, especially because there were other days this week to go get prizes. Lamb 1 was very upset. We couldn't do today's activity (bring your grandparent to the bank) so we went today and I explained that we missed Monday and we had a poem to recite. Lamb 1 led the poem and Lamb 2 said it with him. Two bank tellers stopped to listen and were impressed that they said the whole poem. One asked who taught the poem to him and Lamb 1 looked at her like she was crazy to not know that Mama was his teacher! I was very proud of Lamb 1 for not getting shy, reciting the whole poem, and answering the teller's questions. It helped that he had warning that he was going to need to talk at the bank and that he would receive a prize! The Lambs were given small footballs for a prize for reciting the poem. Then she gave them Frisbees because they made a deposit today even though they didn't bring a grandparent in. Tomorrow is the last activity, if they can tell a President on a coin or bill then they will receive another prize. I love small town banks and the attention they give to our Lambs!

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