Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 shepherds

I am about a month behind on everything. I finished sending our Christmas letter out on Monday. This week we made a few treats that I intended to make for the holidays including Puppy Chow and Buckeyes. We finally took pictures of the two oldest Lambs in their shepherd costumes today! Lamb 1 and 2 were shepherds, Ewe was Mary, Ram was Joseph, and Lamb 3 was Baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve program at church. I don't have any photos of us as the Holy Family, but here are the adorable shepherds.

Lamb 2

Lamb 1

Do you think it is too late to take more photos of them in their Halloween costumes? The pumpkins are sitting in the garage waiting to be thrown out. I guess I'm more than a month behind! By the time I'm "caught up" it will be next Halloween and then next Christmas!

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kimberley said...

but at least you'll be caught up!!! love the lambs:)

by the way, i never thanked you for the the preggy pops!! they were wonderful!!! (shows how far behind i am too!) i'm so excited that you've started a blog!! i'm adding you to my blog roll right now!