Monday, January 19, 2009

Imagine the Potential-UPDATED

In honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday yesterday and the inauguration tomorrow. There may be another video that would be a better example, but this is what I saw in my quick scan of blogs the last few days.

HT: Cheryl

Thanks to Cheryl's comment, I can now post You Tube! Thank you Cheryl for your help. It sounded more complicated than it actually was.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Ewe,

Let's see if I can help. To put a YouTube video on your blog, first you click on the "embed" window that goes with the video. Copy the code by clicking Control C. Then go to Blogger. At the top of the compose window you can click on "edit html" to see the html for the post. Click on that and then paste the html into the post. When you go back to the compose mode you should be able to see the video there.

Hope this helps! It's hard to put this stuff into words!