Thursday, January 8, 2009


The number of beds that I changed the sheets today and tomorrow I will have to wash those sheets.

I figured after being sick we could all use clean sheets. Today was the first day I had energy to change them. I never washed the guest bedroom sheets after my parents visited in September. First I had to uncover the guest bed because it had been piled high with junk during Advent and Christmas. I had a hard time getting Lamb 2's crib sheet to fit-I finally gave up and chose a different sheet. I'll give away that sheet now. It was flannel with elephants on it and really cute, but not worth the trouble to get it in the crib. And I suspect it would have come off as he moved around during the night. Oh well, I was forced to use Pooh sheets!

Very soon we have to get Lamb 2 a mattress or a bed so Lamb 3 can have the crib. I'm not sure what to do because you have to be 6 to be on the top bunk and Lamb 1 will be 5 in March. We may just have Lamb 2 sleep on a mattress on the floor for a year until Lamb 1 can sleep on the top bunk and Lamb 2 could sleep on the bottom bunk. Then we'll have another adventure shopping for bunk beds!

Thank you God for the blessing of comfortable beds, cozy sheets, and warm blankets (especially when it feels like -3 currently!). I love the feel and smell of clean sheets!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You have to be 6 to sleep on the top bunk? Cripes, I feel like a bad mom now. Ethan's been on the top since he was 4!
I make flannel crib sheets. Do you need another one? Let me know!

Ewe said...

Thanks for the offer. I have plenty of crib sheets and they are all Pooh (I think all from Target) except for this one. I think we have every style they have sold since I was pregnant with Lamb 1 except pink! I love Pooh but I was trying the elephant ones I was given for something different.
I should have saved the story of these sheets for a Not Me Monday post. I'm not proud of the tantrum I had while I was making up the sheets on the crib.
I guess if Ethan did it then Lamb 1 could too...