Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Statements I like to say and wish I could say

6 Statements I have said this last week that make me happy!
1. Lamb 1, we have to change our underwear every morning.
(Just recently he has started wearing underwear instead of diapers to bed and he has been dry all night 4 out of the last 5 nights!)
2. I'm done writing thank you notes for Christmas presents.
(The church members are very generous but that makes a lot of thank you notes.)
3. Lamb 2 is really talking a lot now.
4. Yes, I'll read to you now.
(Lamb 2 was so cute when he said, "Mama, read a me". Then he said, "book" and jumped up and down he was so excited. Ram had taken Lamb 1 to the town cafe and Lamb 3 was napping. So Lamb 2 crawled on my lap for a long reading session. He loved snuggling with just Mama!)
5. Thank you, Ram, for finishing taking down the Christmas tree.
6. Lamb 3 is standing holding onto something well.

6 Statements I wish I could say today, but I can't because they aren't true.
1. Lamb 2 is potty trained.
(He isn't potty trained AT ALL. We tried underwear last week and he never attempted to go in the toilet for the 3 days we tried. He loved changing his underwear after he wet them.)
2. Lamb 3 sleeps through the night.
(He did for awhile, but not now at 9 months.)
3. I sent all my Christmas cards.
(I did send about 1/4 of what we usually send-LAST WEEK.)
4. The Christmas decorations are packed up and put away.
(Notice Ram did his part, Ewe has lot to do yet!)
5. I love being here in Fort Wayne at Symposium.
(I'm very jealous of those friends who are in Fort Wayne this week. The last time I was in Fort Wayne was last June. We don't know when we will be able to visit this year. It's harder when you don't have plans to look forward to. We haven't traveled to Symposium the last few years because the weather is so unpredictable.)
6. Lamb 3 can go more than 2 hours without nursing.
(Well, to be honest, I do love cuddling with him and nursing him. And, I know that nursing is the best thing for him. But I'm tired of waking up and feeding him every two hours. I know this time will pass, probably when he finishes a growth spurt, but it's hard right now.)

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