Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures and Dinner Out

Tonight we dressed up the Lambs in their Christmas outfits and I was finally able to take some photos. I like to take photos on New Year's Eve after church, but this year I was too sick. Here are some of the best photos we could get of 3 squirmy Lambs! Lamb 1 was upset that he didn't match the other two Lambs. They are wearing Lamb 1 and 2's Christmas outfits from two years ago. I thought Lamb 1 looked very grown up when he didn't match his brothers.

Lamb 2

Lamb 1

Lamb 3

Ram's mom found these coats at Target! I thought Lamb 1 would love a dress coat, but he was not impressed. Not only did I expect him to wear it, but I expected him to take more photos! Here are the Lambs acting not impressed to take another picture!
Ewe with the Lambs

Ram with the Lambs
After photos we headed out to Shady Beach across the border in SD. We love this restaurant and we used to go several times a year. Prices have gone up so lately we have just gone a few times a year as a special treat. They have a birthday club where the birthday person gets a free meal and they sometimes have coupons for a free appetizer. We went for my birthday in November. They also have a drawing each month for a free dinner. We try to always sign up before we leave, but with the little Lambs sometimes we are too busy to sign up. Well, I was reading the newspaper and I about screamed when I read that Ram won the November drawing. He was doing his nursing home communion visits and I called him on the cell phone and interrupted his visits to tell him because I was so excited. About a week after this a retired pastor in the area called us to make sure we had seen that we won. I think he was excited that he knew the winner. I realized he won about the middle of December and because of being busy with Advent and Christmas, then being sick, and bad weather, tonight was the first time we were able to go redeem Ram's free dinner. I also had a coupon for a free appetizer that was going to expire soon.
I was shocked to find out that we could use both the free appetizer coupon and Ram being a winner in the same evening! We had spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer. We both had the large prime rib with sweet potato chips and salads. For dessert we had this wonderful chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. The Lambs ate off of our plates and ate really well. Lamb 3 loved the sweet potato chips!
I had assumed that Ram winning meant he got a free meal and we had to pay for my meal and the drinks and dessert, etc. I was really shocked when the waitress brought us a $50 gift certificate for winning plus we had that coupon for a free appetizer. So it ended up that we had the complete meal even with appetizer and dessert for just a few dollars plus the tip. I asked Ram if he expected that, and he said he had no idea what winning meant since he had never won before.
We have always liked Shady Beach, but now we love Shady Beach after the service we were given tonight! It was a wonderful treat!
Even though Lamb 1 and 2 helped us, we both brought home some of our prime rib so tomorrow for breakfast we can have steak and eggs.
Thank you Shady Beach!

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