Monday, January 12, 2009

Buying in season

Ever since I have been out on my own, even when I was single; but especially now that we have a family to feed inexpensively, I have tried to only buy produce that is in season. Lamb 1 loves grapes and when he was just 2 he learned to look in the grocery store advertisement and if grapes aren't pictured that week then we don't get grapes. (He doesn't know that even if they are pictured they still might not be on sale enough for me to buy them!) My paternal grandmother lived in nursing home the last 30 years of her life so she was pretty sheltered from every day life. She was amazed to learn that you could even buy produce out of season at the grocery store.
My question is, how am I supposed to teach the Lambs about buying in season when the grocery store advertisement for this week has watermelon on sale and the wind chill is -30 today? When I explained this to Lamb 1, he said, "That's silly. You have to wait until April when the snow melts to buy watermelon!" I guess my lessons are starting to sink in, even if they aren't concrete yet.

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