Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lambs and their memory

Example 1: I was talking to Lamb 1. The lesson I was trying to teach was we need to take care of our property, because if it breaks, then we have to spend money to repair it or buy new or do without. Here's our conversation.
Ewe: "Lamb 1, do you remember when the repair man came to fix our washer?"
Lamb 1: "Yeah, it was November 21. What do you want to know about it?"

I had to look on the calendar, and sure enough he was right. I don't need to say that the conversation went another direction than I expected.

Example 2: Each night after prayers, I talk to Lamb 1 and 2 about the next day and what we have planned. Lamb 1 needs this preparation or we have a meltdown, especially if we have early morning plans. I told them what we were going to do on Thursday. Then I said I couldn't remember what we had planned for Friday without looking at the calendar.
Lamb 1: "Mama, you have to go to the dentist in the afternoon!"

Thanks Lamb 1, no wonder why I blocked that out of my memory of our schedule!

Example 3: Recently, Lamb 2 has been talking much more. I am often surprised when he talks. Sunday night he had a few cups of milk and it was getting close to bedtime. Here's our conversation.
Lamb 2: "Milk please" (well, not exactly saying milk, but this is the translation)
Ewe: "You've had a lot of milk today. No more tonight."
Lamb 2: "Milk. Monday."
Lamb 2: "Movie please"
Ewe: "It's too close to bedtime. No movies tonight."
Lamb 2: "Movie. Monday."
No tantrums, he went on to play until it was time to pick books for story time and then get ready for bed.

I didn't even know he knew it was Sunday and the next day was Monday!

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