Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome President Obama

I am like Cheryl and have mixed feelings about inauguration day today. I realize the significance of the day like her. I pray and wish Obama well for the next 4 years. But I also fear for the country and our safety. I fear for the economy and our freedoms. And I especially fear for the unborn.
Yesterday I said I had no desire to watch any of the coverage today. Turns out I spent most of the day with C-Span on. There wasn't too much newspeople talking. There were two things that I noticed that bugged me.
1. He was introduced as Barack H. Obama. At least he was sworn in with his full name. Have any other presidents been introduced like that?
2. During the parade they mentioned there is a restaurant in NY that every president since Eisenhower has eaten there during their term. They are upset with President George W. Bush for not eating there during his term. They kept thinking he would eventually make it but he didn't. The media was giving Bush a hard time for not making this a priority. Wow, leave it to Bush to not waste money and make a security nightmare to go dine in NY. Maybe he had no desire to eat there and would rather eat in TX? Maybe he would rather spend a quiet night at home with his beloved with the great chefs he is blessed with as president. And I wonder if this restaurant ever officially invited him and told him how important it was to their business that he come. Plus, it was a new situation after 9/11. Eating at this restaurant was not a priority in this new situation for President Bush.
The media is positive that Obama and his family will be more social than President Bush and get out of the White House more and especially eat out more. What a nightmare for the Secret Service if this is true. Thank you President Bush for being considerate and giving most of your staff off holidays and not being selfish to get out of the White House any more than necessary!

I'm happy for Obama that he had a great day and that the power was transferred peacefully. I'm thankful he and his family were safe today even though I don't agree with the media swooning and having no holds barred as they cover it. Tonight the Lambs and I made sure to include President Obama in our prayers.

May the Lord Bless and Keep and protect President Barack and Michelle Obama and their two daughters! You are in our prayers.

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